Dr. Phil sued after teen alleges she was sexually assaulted at a Utah ranch he promoted: reports
Dr. Phil is being sued after a woman has alleged she was sexually assault at a rural ranch in Utah he promoted. 10/22/2021
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Bonus Episode: In Conversation: Reframing Black History and Culture 10/23/2021 @ www.nationalgeographic.com
National Geographic presents In Conversation, a special podcast episode featuring explorer Tara Roberts, computer scientist Gloria Washington, and photographer Ruddy Roye. Through their dynamic work across maritime archeology, artificial intelligence, and photojournalism, they’re determined to reimagine Black history.

Families are leading a new wave in Black travel. Here’s why 10/23/2021 @ www.nationalgeographic.com
For many parents, showing their kids the world is about both the past and the future.

3-ton parts of Stonehenge may have been carried from earlier monuments 10/23/2021 @ www.nationalgeographic.com
Years of archaeological research now suggest that Neolithic Britons lugged massive elements of the iconic monument from far-flung reaches of the island.

Go island-hopping in Palawan, the Philippines 10/23/2021 @ www.nationalgeographic.com
With a dazzling array of activities and safety protocols in place, this leafy archipelago could be a good option for a “new normal” getaway.

Can robots help keep us safe? 10/23/2021 @ www.nationalgeographic.com
Automated machines are increasingly common—here’s where you might see them next.

How these feuding map-makers shaped our fascination with Mars 10/23/2021 @ www.nationalgeographic.com
One was an artist who loved space. His rival was a bold professional astronomer. Their race to map the red planet sparked decades of science and speculation.

Why mapping Mars completely changed how we see it 10/23/2021 @ www.nationalgeographic.com
Mars has drawn our attention for millennia, and it was when we started mapping the planet that we began to see it as a place, and a destination. Early mapmaking led to scientific discoveries—and a few far-fetched theories—which changed how we see the planet today.

Episode 3: Why War Zones Need Science Too 10/23/2021 @ www.nationalgeographic.com
Undaunted by Yemen’s civil war, National Geographic explorer Ella Al-Shamahi searches on the island of Socotra for traces of the earliest known humans to leave Africa.

A new sensation: recording and reproducing taste 10/23/2021 @ www.nationalgeographic.com
Meiji University scientist has found a way to reproduce taste, just as we’ve long been able to do for sight and sound.

The Daily Break 10/23/2021 @ www.newsweek.com

Expert says the movie set shooting went wrong in three ways - CNN Video 10/23/2021 @ us.cnn.com
Steve Wolf, a firearms expert who has been asked to comb the scene of the movie set shooting involving Alec Baldwin, discusses the questions he has about the deadly incident.

Hear the 911 call moments after Alec Baldwin fired prop gun - CNN Video 10/23/2021 @ us.cnn.com
A 911 call has been released moments after Alec Baldwin shot a prop gun on the set of the movie "Rust," where the film's director of photography, Halyna Hutchins, died and director Joel Souza was injured.

Our son was buried by mud - we couldn't save him 10/23/2021 @ www.bbc.co.uk
The walls of three-year-old Sachu's house collapsed when it was hit by heavy rain and flooding in Kerala.

Will Apple be the last US tech giant left in China? 10/23/2021 @ www.bbc.co.uk
As Microsoft closes down the main version of LinkedIn, Apple looks more alone in China than ever.

'If our river dried up we would die' 10/23/2021 @ www.bbc.co.uk
Officials destroyed dams so salmon could swim upstream. It helped preserve the livelihoods of the Hupa tribe.

Trafficked to Europe for sex: A survivor’s escape story 10/23/2021 @ www.bbc.co.uk
Expecting to become a carer in Copenhagen, Jewel was forced into prostitution. But two chance meetings enabled her to get away.

Texas abortion law to stay in place until Supreme Court decision 10/23/2021 @ www.bbc.co.uk
The controversial law will be tested next month when the court holds an expedited hearing.

Matteo Salvini: Right-wing Italy politician on trial for blocking migrant boat 10/23/2021 @ www.bbc.co.uk
The right-wing politician is charged with kidnapping and dereliction of duty, which he denies.

Record high migrant entries at US-Mexico border 10/23/2021 @ www.bbc.co.uk
The US says over 1.7 million migrants were stopped in the past 12 months, including 145,000 children.

Turkey moves to throw out US and nine other envoys 10/23/2021 @ www.bbc.co.uk
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declares them "persona non grata" for urging an activist's release.

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